Bryce Hurst Music Studio

private lessons in piano, ukulele, accordion, music theory and songwriting


Performance is an important part of music study. My recitals are designed to give students pride in their work, with a casual atmosphere that keeps anxiety to a minimum. I love seeing the students excited to show each other what they can do.

Christmas Party

December 2014 saw our first Christmas party for students and their families. We had a great time celebrating the season with food and a round of carol performances at the piano. Students were also eager to share other songs they're currently working on. Then we capped off the evening with some more carols at the karaoke machine.

Spring Recital

Our next recital will be in April or May of 2015. It's still in the planning stage; watch this space for schedule information.

It will also be relatively informal. My goal is to have maximum participation, and for all students to be comfortable enough to have confidence.

Although participation is strongly encouraged, it isn't mandatory. But even students that don't perform should attend if they can. Students often find inspiration and take encouragement from each other. Those moments are some of the most satisfying for me as an instructor.